marley dragon cannabis club

Dragon Cannabis Club is the perfect place to be a good member,  a good friend or both.

We are a private social club. We have music, lemons, friends, flowers, members and ladybugs.

Do you want to come?


Lets get to know each other first

I’ll take the first step!

  • Name: Dragon Cannabis Club, Private Social Club. AKA: DCC
  • Marital Status: Single, but keep the distance. I’m not that kind of guy.
  • Religion: I love flowers, lemons and good music. Oh! and ladybugs.
  • Diseases: I get the munchies, and my nose itches when I get wet.
  • Work Experience: I started as a bartender, then DJ. Now, I’m an entrepreneur.
  • Languages: Yes. I know the whole song of YMCA from Village People.
Lazy dragon cannabis club

Go ahead, now it’s your turn

Do you want to come?

Check out our


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