smelly dragon cannabis club

Hello, I’m Dragon Cannabis Club

My friends call me Dragon Club

I do not know if I’m a dragon or a club. In any case I think sometimes I’m a dragon who likes clubs or a club with a dragon name…


I like the smell of flowers and fresh lemons. I like the smell in the afternoons when we open and my friends show up to play.

Why so serious? We have fun! We talk, we play, and have a laugh.

If you come across a really good Breitling replica, and all of the above have passed. There is another sure fire way to discover if it is a fake. The inner bezel should smoothly blend into the dial. If bezel is rough, a complete drop, has a distinct black line, or has no bezel at all, it is a fake. Also, notice how the subdials on the fake is raised, the subdials on a genuine Breightling is never raised.

When you come to the Dragon

The world is reduced to the sound of water falling on somebody’s buttocks. That’s the world: dragons, water, buttocks, lemons, ladybugs and nothing else.

pic nic dragon cannabis club

When you come to the Dragon

The world is reduced to the sound of water falling on somebody’s buttocks. That’s the world: dragons, water, buttocks, lemons, ladybugs and nothing else.

pic nic dragon cannabis club

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


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